Self-Burying Death

An unnamed Russian man, 35, from Blagoveshchensk died after burying himself alive. According to his friend, the man wanted to test his “endurance”. The two men dug a hole in the garden and put inside an improvised coffin with holes for air pipes. The man also took a blanket, a bottle of water and a cell phone.

The victim’s friend told investigators he covered the hole with planks and earth to a depth of around 20 centimeters and then went home, after receiving a phone call from his friend telling him he was fine. The next morning, he found his friend dead.

Police speculated that overnight rain could have blocked the air supply to the coffin.

One year before, a resident of the northern Vologda region died after he asked a friend to bury him in the forest in an attempt to lose his fear of death and was crushed by the earth.

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