Filmmaker froze to death while making a documentary on homelessness

Lee Halpin, a 26-year-old film-maker from Heaton, Uk, froze to death as he made a documentary about sleeping rough on the streets. Speaking on a YouTube video, he said the project was part of an application for an investigative journalism course and that he intended to “immerse” himself in the lifestyle of a homeless person.

3 thoughts on “Filmmaker froze to death while making a documentary on homelessness”

  1. Lee Halpin didn’t froze to death. The coroner ruled that the cause of his death was Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. According to the coroner, his death could have occurred at any time or place, and the circumstances in which Lee was living played no part.

  2. Right. The fact that he went from living in a comfortable warm home to sleeping in freezing outdoors that his body was unused to had nothing to do with his death, just coincidence.

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