The Sorrowful Homecoming

Sgt. Gregory Voelcker of the U.S. Air Force, who was stationed at Britain’s Royal Air Force Mildenhall base, returned home from a temporary duty assignment in Greece to discover his wife and two children dead and partially decomposed in their home. Autopsies of the deceased revealed Lorraine Voelcker, 27, had died of natural causes (likely a sudden heart-attack), while the couple’s two children, two-year-old Galen and 16-month-old Elizabeth, had died of dehydration and malnutrition, roughly ten days after their mother had died with no one to take care of them. The family lived in a relatively remote cottage outside of the village of Kirtling, so no one had stopped by in person to realize anything had happened. In addition, while the Air Force keeps a “Contact Policy” where it checks in on the families of servicemen while they are abroad, Lorraine Voelcker had informed the military the week before her death that she intended to take the family on a trip out of town the following week, so it raised no concern when the Air Force’s contact-call had received no answer the week she had died.

Submission by Logan Agle. Thank you.

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