Purple vs Pink

Austin Wuennenberg, a 21-year-old employee of Disney World piloting the Monorail Purple train on the Disney Monorail System, was killed when the Monorail Pink train backed into his cockpit during a failed rail switch-over.

Submission by Logan Agle. Thank you.

A Novel Way to Die

Abdullah al-Asiri, a 23-year-old member of al-Qaeda from Saudi Arabia, died in a failed attempt to assassinate Muhammad bin Nayef, the Deputy Minister of the Interior of Saudi Arabia, with a suicide-bomb. Posing as a “well-wisher” outside of Nayef’s home (a tradition in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan), Asiri waited for Nayef to get within close proximity to him before using a cell phone to activate his suicide-bomb, which consisted of 1 pound of PETN plastic explosives and some remote-activation electronics that he had hidden inside of his rectal cavity. Asiri was killed instantly upon detonation, but Nayef received only minor injuries due in part to Asiri’s body actually partially absorbing the energy of the blast upon exploding. Asiri had apparently been hiding the explosives in his anal cavity for more than 24 hours at that point in order to bypass metal-detectors and the security-staff. Experts in the field of modern terrorism have described al-Asiri’s method of perpetrating a suicide-bombing as “unique”.

Submission by Logan Agle. Thank you.

Body dragged 20 miles through NYC

Guido Salvador Carabajo-Jara, a 26-year-old from Queens, New York, was struck by an SUV while crossing the street and then impaled on the undercarriage of an oncoming van. His body was dragged around the city for nearly 20 miles before a pedestrian informed the driver of the van of what had happened. The two initial impacts were captured on film by a security-camera and have since been leaked onto the Internet.

Submission by Logan Agle. Thank you.

Boy Killed When Office Chair Exploded


A 14 year old boy died after his office chair exploded underneath him. The chair used a pneumatic system to adjust it’s height, and when the boy sat on the chair he compressed the canister. In a freak accident the canister somehow exploded under his weight and sent metal fragments deep inside his rectum.

Submission by Devon Sowden. Thank you.

Zorbing death

Denis Burakov, left, via odnoklassniki.ru
Denis Burakov, left, via odnoklassniki.ru

27-year-old Denis Burakov died from injuries he sustained, while his acquaintance Vladimir Shcherbov, 33, was hospitalized in a critical condition after falling from a cliff (1000 m) in Dombay, Russia. The guys were rolling downhill in an orb while participating in ‘zorbing’.

In 2009, a 47-year-old teacher from Check Republic died in a similar accident while rolling downhill at speeds up to 50km/h, near the eastern Czech town of Trinec.

Exploding Bubble Gum

Vladimir Likhonos, a Ukrainian student, died after accidentally dipping a piece of homemade chewing gum into explosives he was using on another project. He mistook the jar of explosive for citric acid, which was also on his desk. The gum exploded, blowing off his jaw and most of the lower part of his face.

Mike Tyson’s Daughter

Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson‘s 4-year-old daughter, Exodus died of her injuries after accidentally hanging herself, when neck was caught in a cord dangling from the console of the treadmill machine.

Too Much Viagra

Sergey Tuganov, a 28-year-old Russian, bet two women that he could continuously have sex with them both for twelve hours. Several minutes after winning the $4,300 bet, he suffered a fatal heart attack, apparently due to having ingested an entire bottle of Viagra just after accepting the bet.

Holding Breath till Death

Reiss Morgan, 15, from Brentwood, Essex, UK died trying to ‘break his own record’ for holding his breath underwater.

Deadly Gaming Addiction

Kim Sa-rang, a 3-month-old Korean girl, died from malnutrition after both her parents spent hours each day in an internet cafe raising a virtual child on an online game, Prius Online.

Deadly Coincidence

Johanna Ganthaler, a pensioner from Italy, who was lucky enough to have missed her flight on the doomed Air France 447 died in a car crash on the way home in Austria.