Mom microwaved baby to death

Mirabelle Yang, a seven-week-old infant from Sacramento, California, died after suffering severe organ damage and burns over 60% of her body after her mother, Ka Yang, placed her in an active microwave for two minutes. Ka Yang was sentenced to life in prison for First Degree Murder.

Submission by Logan Agle. Thank you.

Dad and two children died from carbon monoxide poisoning after discarded snack packet got stuck in chimney

Harry, Kimberly and their father Trevor Wallwark (and their two dogs) died of carbon monoxide poisoning when a crisps packet became lodged in the chimney and caused the carbon monoxide to flood the room of their cottage in Gurteen, County Sligo, Ireland.

Killed by giant falling branch

Sophie Howard, 13, was sitting on a bench in a park, when a branch came down from a tree and landed on her head. She died a short while later in hospital.

Submission by Rik van Doorne.

Woman died from allergic reaction to sex with dog

Carol Hickey, a 43-year-old mother of four from Ireland, had sex with a dog for the first time, and died soon afterwards because she was allergic to dog’s semen.

Submission by Rik van Doorne.

Girl Died after Hiding in Microwave

Rebecca Maria Herrera, a 6-year-old from San Antonio, Texas, died of suffocation after getting trapped in an old microwave oven in her backyard. Police said the girl was small and liked to hide. She might have crawled in and closed the door accidentally not knowing that it could not be opened from the inside.

Died from Nine-Hour Sweating Session

Image credit: Radio-Canada

Chantal Lavigne, a 35-year-old mother of two, from St. Albert de Warwick, Canada, “was cooked to death” after she and eight others in a personal-development seminar called Dying in Consciousness were covered with mud, wrapped in plastic, put under blankets and immobilized with their heads in cardboard boxes for about nine hours, under instructions to hyperventilate.

Impaled by Tree Branch

Rory Schmand, 47, of Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, died approximately four months after a tree branch fell and crashed through her car windshield, impaling her between the eyes.