Hot Party

23 guests at a wedding in Saudi Arabia were killed instantly via electrocution when outdoor celebratory gunfire knocked down an overhead electrical power-line onto a metal dance-floor. 30 additional guests were injured in the event. This incident occurred less than a month after the Saudi government banned the use of celebratory fire with live rounds being performed at weddings.

Submission by Logan Agle. Thank you.

Ex-banker’s courtroom suicide

Michael Marin, a 53-year-old Wall Street trader and father of four from Phoenix, Arizona, killed himself in court during the reading of his guilty verdict. Marin was on trial for insurance fraud after a forensic investigation of the aftermath of his 3.5 million dollar mansion burning down indicated arson. Potentially facing a sentence of up to 21 years in prison, Marin swallowed a cyanide tablet he had purchased online and concealed during the trial and died within minutes. The incident was recorded on video and has since been made available on the Internet.

Submission by Logan Agle. Thank you.

Zip Lining Accident

Jackson Roos, 12, was zip lining in his garden when a safety line got tangled in a strap of his helmet, after which he choked to death, near Seattle, USA.

Submission by Rik van Doorne.

Soldier killed trying to cure another of hiccups

Soldier Isaac Lawrence Young, 22, was having the hiccups, and a fellow soldier tried to help him by pulling out his gun to scare him in order to stop the hiccups, but he accidentally discharged the gun, killing Isaac.

Submission by Rik van Doorne.

Potential heir to $300 million fortune found dead, homeless

Timothy Henry Gray, 60, a heir to a $300 million fortune was found homeless and frozen to death under a bridge before he could be given his share.

Died saving Kim portraits

Han Hyon-Gyong, the 14 year old North Korean schoolgirl, drowned in a flood trying to save portraits of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Drowned in the manure

A pet dog had fallen into a manure tank on a farm. Father Noel (58) and brothers Nevin Spence and Graham (22 and 30) went into the tank to save the dog and each other. All three drowned in the manure.

Submission by Rik van Doorne.