A little boy drowned in a toilet bowl

Mendi Altman, a 14-month-old toddler drowned to death in a toilet while visiting family in Brooklyn.

Submission by Rik van Doorne.

Stair lift to Heaven


Shirley Perkins, 55, a disabled woman was killed when she got her head trapped in her stair lift. She toppled backwards down the stairs and got her head wedged between the metal rung of the electric seat and the wall.

Man died after cockroach-eating competition

Edward Archbold, 32, died after winning the roach-eating contest in South Florida on October 5th, 2012. Archbold downed dozens of live bugs and worms and collapsed shortly after the end of the contest.

Farmer eaten by his pigs

Terry Vance Garner, a 69-year-old farmer from Coos County, Oregon, went out to feed his pigs but was devoured by his animals. Nothing but his dentures and a few body pieces were recovered. Investigators believe the hogs may have knocked Garner over before killing and eating him.

Pakistani protester died from breathing smoke of burning US flags

Abdullah Ismail died in Lahore, Pakistan of smoke inhalation where he was protesting the short movie Innocence of Muslims. Ismail was transported to a local hospital when he became ill from the smoke of burning US flags and later died.

Car chase suicide aired on FOX News

Jodon F. Romero, 33, was accused of stealing a red Dodge Caliber from Phoenix, Arizona, and leading police on a high-speed pursuit. At the end of an hour-long pursuit on an interstate west of Phoenix Friday, Romero pulled into the desert and an officer shot at him, although it appears he missed. Fox News was covering the chase that began about midday using a live helicopter shot from Phoenix affiliate KSAZ-TV. Romero then walked off the dirt road, put a gun to his head and shot himself in the head. On live TV.

‘Pass out’ video’s victim

15-year-old David Nuno from Chula Vista, California, has died after he made himself pass out and then fell onto glass that slashed his throat. The boy and two friends were in the boy’s home watching an Internet video about how to intentionally pass out through hyperventilation. The teen used the technique, passed out and fell forward. He landed on a glass tumbler that broke and gashed his throat.