Trampled by cows

78-year-old Richard Nicholson from Berwickshire, Scotland died week after being trampled by cows as he walked his dog.

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Beaver killed man

A Belorussian man died in the village of Ostromechevo from blood loss from a bite received from a beaver that severed an artery in his leg.

Filmmaker froze to death while making a documentary on homelessness

Lee Halpin, a 26-year-old film-maker from Heaton, Uk, froze to death as he made a documentary about sleeping rough on the streets. Speaking on a YouTube video, he said the project was part of an application for an investigative journalism course and that he intended to “immerse” himself in the lifestyle of a homeless person.

University student beheaded in go-cart crash


Tuğba Erdoğan, a 24 year old Turkish university student was killed when her scarf got caught in the shaft of a go-kart. After losing control of the kart and hitting the safety barrier, her head was completely severed from her body by the scarf caught in the shaft.

Woman’s death from a 30-year-old bullet wound ruled a homicide

In 1982, Linda J. Knauss was shot in a holdup outside a boutique in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In 2013, she passed away due to complications from that old wound. That means that 30 years after being shot, Knauss perished as the result of a homicide.

Man killed while pooping between moving Subway cars

A 31-year-old man had been on a subway train in New York City, defecating between two cars, when he fell on the tracks and was struck by the train to death.

Zorbing death

Denis Burakov, left, via
Denis Burakov, left, via

27-year-old Denis Burakov died from injuries he sustained, while his acquaintance Vladimir Shcherbov, 33, was hospitalized in a critical condition after falling from a cliff (1000 m) in Dombay, Russia. The guys were rolling downhill in an orb while participating in ‘zorbing’.

In 2009, a 47-year-old teacher from Check Republic died in a similar accident while rolling downhill at speeds up to 50km/h, near the eastern Czech town of Trinec.