Soccer Fan Killed By Flying Toilet Bowl

Paulo Ricardo Gomes da Silva, a 26-year-old Brazilian soccer-fan, was killed when a full-sized porcelain toilet was dropped on him during a soccer-riot. Following a match between Santa Cruz and Panama soccer-teams at Arruda Stadium in Recife, Brazil, a large riot erupted. Several fans began tearing toilets out of the stadium’s public bathrooms and then threw them from the stands into the crowds below. Silva was struck on the head by one of them and killed instantly. The incident was captured by a security-camera and has since been made available on the Internet. The people responsible for his death have still not been identified.

Submission by Logan Agle. Thank you.

Killed by cow that fell through bedroom roof

João Maria de Souza, 45, was killed when a cow, believed to have escaped from a nearby farm in Brazil, went onto his roof during his sleep, causing the room to cave in and the 3000-pound cow landing on him. He died soon afterwards due to internal bleeding.