Soccer Fan Died After Staying Awake for 11 Nights to Watch Euros

Jiang Xiaoshan, 26, from Changsha, China died from exhaustion after going 11 nights without sleep as he watched every single Euro 2012 soccer game.

Last Level

A 31-year-old computer game addict collapsed and died on 6 March at his screen in Chengdu in the western Chinese province of Sichuan, after playing the online game Saga for 20 hours. He had Been playing the game regularly at the Internet cafe, where an employee said he would often play for more than 10 hours a day.

Deadly Testicular Asphyxiation

A Chinese shopkeeper, 42, from Haikou died during an altercation with a 41-year-old woman over a parking space. The woman reportedly grabbed his testicles and squeezed them until he was rendered unconscious. The man was later pronounced dead at the hospital from the injuries.