Death of Anton Yelchin, Star Trek’s Actor

Anton Yelchin, talented actor having starred in several prominent film/tv roles, was found deceased, after failing to meet with friends who visited his home to check on him when he didn’t show. He was found pinned between his Jeep Cherokee and a brick wall. His Jeep was found to still be running and in neutral. The Jeep was pushing with such force that it bent the gate beside the brick wall.

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Death of Charles F. Kettering

In 1908, Byron Carter, founder of Cartercar, came across a stalled motorist on Belle Isle in the middle of the Detroit River. He gallantly offered to crank the car for the stranded driver. When she forgot to retard the spark, the crank kicked and broke Carter’s jaw. Complications developed, and Carter later died of pneumonia.

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Deadly Flight

Ismail ibn Hammad al-Jawhari, an author and scholar from Farab, Turkestan, famous for writing the highly influential “The Crown of Language and the Correct Arabic” dictionary, is said to have fallen to his death in 1002 while attempting to fly with a pair of homemade wooden wings after jumping off the roof of a mosque in Nishapur, Iran.

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The death of Charles II

Charles II of Navarre, also known as Charles the Bad, the king of Navarre and key participant in the Hundred Years War, burned alive when the brandy-soaked bandages he had been covered in to cure an illness were accidentally ignited by one of his servant’s candles.

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Flying tailor

Franz Reichelt wearing his parachute suit
Franz Reichelt wearing his parachute suit

Franz Reichelt, a 33-year-old Austrian tailor and inventor living in Paris, died jumping from the first platform of the Eiffel Tower in a test of his experimental parachute-suit. Reichelt had designed the flight-suit that extended into a parachute as a way to save pilots that were forced to eject from their aircraft mid-flight when they couldn’t carry a traditional backpack-parachute with them. He had received permission from the Paris Police to conduct a trial-run of his suit on the Eiffel Tower using a dummy. Just before the test was to take place, Reichelt revealed that he would be making the jump instead, despite attempts by friends and spectators to dissuade him. When he made the jump his parachute failed to deploy and he fell 190 ft. to his death. The entire event, including Reichelt’s death, was captured by a cinematographer. This footage can now be found on the Internet, and is one of the earliest examples of an accidental death being caught on film.

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Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan, dancer and wife of the Russian poet Sergei Yesenin, died of a broken neck when her long scarf caught on the wheel of a car in which she was a passenger.

Father of the Blood Bank

Charles Drew, the inventor of the “blood bank” and pioneer of successful blood transfusions, died during a failed blood transfusion after a car accident in North Carolina.