Dad and two children died from carbon monoxide poisoning after discarded snack packet got stuck in chimney

Harry, Kimberly and their father Trevor Wallwark (and their two dogs) died of carbon monoxide poisoning when a crisps packet became lodged in the chimney and caused the carbon monoxide to flood the room of their cottage in Gurteen, County Sligo, Ireland.

Drowned in the manure

A pet dog had fallen into a manure tank on a farm. Father Noel (58) and brothers Nevin Spence and Graham (22 and 30) went into the tank to save the dog and each other. All three drowned in the manure.

Submission by Rik van Doorne.

Woman died from allergic reaction to sex with dog

Carol Hickey, a 43-year-old mother of four from Ireland, had sex with a dog for the first time, and died soon afterwards because she was allergic to dog’s semen.

Submission by Rik van Doorne.