Killed by a Robot

Kenji Urada was a Japanese engineer who was one of the first persons reported to have been killed by a robot.

Urada was maintenance engineer at a Kawasaki Heavy Industries plant. While working on a broken robot, he failed to turn it off completely, resulting in the robot pushing him into a grinding machine with its hydraulic arm. He died as a result. The circumstances of his death were not made public until December 8, after an investigation by the labor standards bureau was completed.

Urada is often said to be the first person killed by a robot. However, Robert Williams, a worker at a Ford Motor Company factory in Michigan, was killed by a robot two years earlier, on January 25, 1979.

Submission by Marco. Thank you.

Death by molten metal

Kazuki Tada, a 23-year-old technician at the Nippon Denko plant in Anan, Japan, died when a bucket containing 13 tons of liquefied metal alloys heated to more than 2,350 degrees Fahrenheit was accidentally overbalanced and spilt on top of him.

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Another example of “great” parenting

Takuya Nagaya, 23, from Japan, started to slither on the floor and talk about becoming a snake. His mother took this to mean that he had been possessed by a snake demon and called for her husband, 53-year-old Katsumi Nagaya, who spent the next two days physically beating his son in an attempt to exorcise the demon. This killed Takuya.

Late to school

Ryoko Ishida, 15, from Tokyo, Japan was crushed to death by a gate that was slammed shut because she was tardy to class.