Deadly argument

Ghulam Rasul and Muhammad Sultan, two attempted suicide-bombers from Sargodha, Pakistan, died when one of their explosive suicide-vests detonated prematurely before reaching their target. While waiting on a bench on a city street before moving to an intended unknown target, Rasul and Sultan were reported by witnesses to have gotten into a heated argument with each other. The altercation apparently turned physical, and when one man shoved the other it resulted in one of their suicide-vests accidentally being activated. The resulting explosion killed both men instantaneously. Despite the street being relatively active during that time of day the incident occurred the two men were the only casualties. It is currently unknown what Rasul and Sultan’s original target was, as well as what they were arguing about and which man’s suicide-vest detonated.

Thank you, Logan Agle.

Pakistani protester died from breathing smoke of burning US flags

Abdullah Ismail died in Lahore, Pakistan of smoke inhalation where he was protesting the short movie Innocence of Muslims. Ismail was transported to a local hospital when he became ill from the smoke of burning US flags and later died.

Suicide Over School Uniform

Kamran Khan, 13, from Peshawar, Pakistan set himself on fire because his parents could not afford to buy him a new school uniform. The youth suffered burns on 65 percent of his body. He was taken to an army-run hospital. But the family could only raise one-tenth of the roughly $5,500 they needed for his treatment. He died of his injuries.