Dying Onstage

Leslie Harvey, the 27-year-old guitarist for the Scottish blues-rock band Stone the Crows, died onstage during a live outdoor concert in Swansea, Wales, when rainwater collected on stage and caused a non-grounded microphone to become electrified, killing him instantly when he touched it.

Submission by Logan Agle. Thank you.

Roasted Alive

A man from Cheshire, England, was roasted alive inside an industrial oven after going in to clean it. The oven was switched on by colleagues who did not know he was inside, and he tried unsuccessfully to break out with a crowbar before dying.

Submitted by Myers Hertz.

Wine-lover bled to death

John Fozard, 66, bled to death after broken wine glass tore through the bin bag he was carrying and slashed artery in his leg.

Man Who Pretended to Be Blind Died in Ditch

Geoffrey Haywood, 65, was been pretending to be blind to get people to pity him when he went for a walk, fell into a flooded ditch and died near his home in Newport, South Wales after he apparently failed to see the hazard.