Criticality accident

Louis Slotin, a Canadian physicist working on the Manhattan Project at the Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico, became the second person in history to die in a nuclear criticality event, eight months after Harry K. Daghlian, Jr. became the first. Slotin was performing an experiment which attempted to begin the first stages of a nuclear reaction by enclosing a plutonium-gallium alloy bomb-core in a beryllium sphere. Slotin, who was not following proper safety protocol at the time, dropped the sphere and caused a “prompt critical” reaction that exposed him to a lethal dose of ionizing radiation. He died nine days later after suffering what doctors described as an “agonizing sequence of radiation-induced traumas”. The bomb-core that had been used during the accident was actually the same core that had killed Harry K. Daghlian, Jr. eight months prior, which was consequently nicknamed “The Demon Core” by the rest of the Manhattan Project staff.

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Purple vs Pink

Austin Wuennenberg, a 21-year-old employee of Disney World piloting the Monorail Purple train on the Disney Monorail System, was killed when the Monorail Pink train backed into his cockpit during a failed rail switch-over.

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Harry K. Daghlian, Jr., a scientist working on the Manhattan Project at the Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico, became the first person in history to die in a nuclear criticality event. While preparing a bomb for the Operation Crossroads series of nuclear tests, Daghlian accidentally dropped a tungsten-carbide brick onto a plutonium-gallium alloy bomb-core, causing it to go supercritical. Daghlian received an estimated 510 REM of neutron radiation and quickly developed severe radiation poisoning. He died in a coma 25 days after the initial incident.

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Comedian Died Onstage

Dick Shawn, an American actor and standup comedian known for his roles in movies including It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and The Producers, died at the age of 63 in the middle of a standup routine being performed at the University of California. Shawn suffered a heart-attack on stage and collapsed face-down, with many audience-members believing it was part of his act since just prior to collapsing he had been imitating political campaign slogans including “If elected, I will not lay down on the job”.

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Nailed it

Richard M. Talley, the 56-year-old CEO and founder of American Title Services in Greenwood Village, Colorado, committed suicide by shooting himself eight times in the head and upper chest with a high-powered nail gun. American Title Services was under investigation at the time for insurance fraud.

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Celebration of the Fourth of July turns deadly

Brendon Mackey, a 7-year-old boy from Midlothian, Virginia, died during a 4th of July party when a .40 caliber bullet fell from the sky and struck him in the head after being shot upwards into the air somewhere else in the neighborhood in celebratory fire.

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Fatal Golf Tee

Navy Lieutenant George M. Prior, 30, died while playing golf at a course in Arlington, Virginia, due to a sudden, extreme allergic reaction to Draconil, a fungicide used to maintain the green on golf courses. Prior had a habit of carrying his tee in his teeth in between shots, which caused him to unknowingly ingest a small amount of the chemical.

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Vlogger fatally shot while livestreaming

Antonio Perkins, a 28-year-old Chicago resident, was fatally shot while livestreaming on Facebook.

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Death of Anton Yelchin, Star Trek’s Actor

Anton Yelchin, talented actor having starred in several prominent film/tv roles, was found deceased, after failing to meet with friends who visited his home to check on him when he didn’t show. He was found pinned between his Jeep Cherokee and a brick wall. His Jeep was found to still be running and in neutral. The Jeep was pushing with such force that it bent the gate beside the brick wall.

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Decapitated Driver

Linda Riojas, a 43-year-old mother from Houston, Texas, was fully decapitated when a piece of sheet metal came loose from a supply-truck driving in front of her and crashed through her windshield.

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Death of Charles F. Kettering

In 1908, Byron Carter, founder of Cartercar, came across a stalled motorist on Belle Isle in the middle of the Detroit River. He gallantly offered to crank the car for the stranded driver. When she forgot to retard the spark, the crank kicked and broke Carter’s jaw. Complications developed, and Carter later died of pneumonia.

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Ex-banker’s courtroom suicide

Michael Marin, a 53-year-old Wall Street trader and father of four from Phoenix, Arizona, killed himself in court during the reading of his guilty verdict. Marin was on trial for insurance fraud after a forensic investigation of the aftermath of his 3.5 million dollar mansion burning down indicated arson. Potentially facing a sentence of up to 21 years in prison, Marin swallowed a cyanide tablet he had purchased online and concealed during the trial and died within minutes. The incident was recorded on video and has since been made available on the Internet.

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Damon Huhtala, a 26-year-old construction-worker from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, died when he slipped and fell while using a nail gun. The firing mechanism of the nail gun collided with the side of his head while the trigger was still pressed, firing a three inch nail into his brain-stem, killing him instantly.

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Alcoholic Lethal Sherry Enema

Michael Warner, a 58-year-old machine-shop operator from Lake Jackson, Texas, died of alcohol intoxication after receiving enema from his wife consisting of two large bottles of Sherry wine. Warner was a severe alcoholic and was at the time suffering from a throat ailment that left him unable to drink liquids. He had apparently had his wife help with the procedure in order to relieve his cravings, not realizing that compounds like alcohol are absorbed into the bloodstream far more quickly and directly when administered rectally than when ingested orally. Warner’s wife was cleared of all legal responsibility for his accidental death in court.

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Woman killed by flying manhole cover

Caitlin Clavette, 35, a Boston-area school teacher driving near the Thomas P. O’Neill Jr. Tunnel, was struck and killed by a dislodged manhole cover, which crashed through the windshield of her car.

Wrestler Died In Ring

Perro Aguayo Jr., a 35-year-old professional masked wrestler from Mexico, died during a live public wrestling-match in Tijuana on March 20th, 2015. During a tag-team match, Aguayo’s opponent, Rey Mysterio Jr., drop-kicked Aguayo in the back/shoulder area, causing him to fall forward and go limp against the ring’s ropes. Aguayo’s tag-team partner, Manik, jumped into the ring and proceeded with the match while Aguayo remained motionless against the ropes. Ringside officials attempted to revive Aguayo and immediately terminated the match when they realized he wasn’t responding. He was immediately taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. The cause of death was determined to be due to sudden cardiac arrest caused by a cervical stroke stemming from the fracture of three of his vertebrae, which he received from Mysterio’s drop-kick. An autopsy indicated that Aguayo died instantly as a result. The event occurred in front of a massive live audience and was being filmed by TV Azteca. The footage has since been made available on the Internet.

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Deadly Race

Wilbur C. Brink, an 11-year-old boy from Indianapolis, Indiana, was killed by a flying race-car tire while playing in his family’s front yard. During Lap 162 of the 1931 Indianapolis 500, the rear axle suddenly broke on racer Billy Arnold’s vehicle, sending one of his rear wheels sailing through the air and out of the stadium. It landed in the front yard of the Brink family, who lived across the street from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, killing Brink instantly.

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Fatal Joke

Jon-Erik Hexum, a 26-year-old actor, died during the production of an episode of the television series Cover Up in Los Angeles, California, when he shot himself in the head with a blank round loaded into a revolver at point-blank range. A scene had to be filmed an excessive number of times due to various onset problems interfering with the takes, so between takes Hexum picked up a prop revolver loaded with a blank, which be believed was completely harmless, to pantomime shooting himself in the head in order to make a frustrated coworker laugh. Hexum was unaware that blank rounds discharge a wad of plastic sealant when fired that can be dangerous at close-range to unprotected body-parts. The discharged material caused enough blunt force trauma to shatter a quarter-sized piece of his skull and project shards of it into his brain. Hexum was declared brain-dead six days later.

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Body dragged 20 miles through NYC

Guido Salvador Carabajo-Jara, a 26-year-old from Queens, New York, was struck by an SUV while crossing the street and then impaled on the undercarriage of an oncoming van. His body was dragged around the city for nearly 20 miles before a pedestrian informed the driver of the van of what had happened. The two initial impacts were captured on film by a security-camera and have since been leaked onto the Internet.

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Mom microwaved baby to death

Mirabelle Yang, a seven-week-old infant from Sacramento, California, died after suffering severe organ damage and burns over 60% of her body after her mother, Ka Yang, placed her in an active microwave for two minutes. Ka Yang was sentenced to life in prison for First Degree Murder.

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