Woman killed by flying manhole cover

Caitlin Clavette, 35, a Boston-area school teacher driving near the Thomas P. O’Neill Jr. Tunnel, was struck and killed by a dislodged manhole cover, which crashed through the windshield of her car.

The Boston Molasses Flood

Unseasonably warm temperatures caused a 50 ft. tall and 90 ft. diameter tank of molasses being processed at the Purity Distilling Company in Boston, Massachusetts, to rupture, spilling 2,300,000 gallons of raw molasses into the city streets. The resulting 25 ft. tall wave was estimated to have been travelling upwards of 35 mph. It killed 21 people and injured 150 more in what has come to be known as “The Boston Molasses Flood”.

Submission by Logan Agle. Thank you.

Man is Strangled after Clothing Snags in Escalator

Francisco Portillo, a 34-year-old Salvadoran, was strangled after the hood of his sweatshirt became entangled in the teeth of a escalator at Porter Square Station in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was allegedly drunk at the time.

Deadly Golf Club

15-year-old Rafael Naranjo of Gardner, Massachusetts, expired after playfully swinging a 5-iron golf club he’d found in the street at a fire hydrant. His act caused part of the shaft, along with the head of the club, to break off and lodge in his neck.