Running to Death

Savannah Hardin, 9, from Montgomery, Alabama died of seizure-related complications after running non-stop for several hours. She was reportedly forced to run by her stepmother and grandmother as punishment for lying about eating a candy bar.

Deadly Swan Attack

Anthony Hensley, 37, from Des Plaines, Illinois drowned after his kayak was capsized by a swan, which then blocked him from escaping to shore.

Race to the Death

Frank Hayes, 35, a horse jockey, suffered a fatal heart attack during a race in which his horse finished first. They only discovered he had died when trying to congratulate him.

Airbag Boobs

Cynthia Jean Gillig-Stone (pornstar Echo Valley), 56, died near Leakey, Texas in a car accident as a result of not wearing her seatbelt due to her large breasts.

Deadly Threesome

William Martinez, 31, from Lawrenceville, Georgia died of a heart attack while engaging in threesome sex with a friend and another woman who was not his wife.