Died after Falling on Broken Coffee Mug

Joseph Stoyer, 51, bled to death after tripping and falling with a mug of coffee when he stepped out of his front door in Seaford, Long Island. The mug broke and a 4in (10cm) shard went through his carotoid artery. (The Spokesman-Review, Ocala Star-Banner – Feb 22, 2002)

Impaled on Bike’s Handlebars

An unnamed circus worker, 39, died in bicycle accident when he slammed into an open car door on a Queens street, New York and was impaled on his bike’s handlebars.

Self-surgery gone wrong

Barrie Hepburn, 65, tried to amputate his ‘useless’ legs with hacksaw in London home. Barrie Hepburn had lost the use of his legs after he was shot three times at his holiday home in the south of France following an argument over a neighbor’s dog. His injuries left him confined to a wheelchair. Mr Hepburn, a sports car enthusiast, had often spoken of using self-surgery to amputate his “useless” limbs. He had become particularly determined in the months before his death because of difficulties he had getting in and out of his high-performance Jaguar XJ saloon car, which he had bought the previous year. He almost completely severed his right leg with a hacksaw in the kitchen, then called paramedics and said he was suffering from heavy bleeding, but died before an ambulance could reach him.