A pioneer in sleep research died due to his having fallen asleep at the wheel

Eugene Aserinsky, a pioneer in sleep research, who discovered REM sleep, died when his car hit a tree north of San Diego due to his having fallen asleep at the wheel.

Anti-seat belt law advocate is killed in automobile accident

Derek Kieper, an anti-seat belt law advocate, was killed in a car wreck because he wasn’t wearing his seat belt. Kieper, who was riding in the back seat of the Explorer, was ejected from the vehicle. Two others in the vehicle, including the driver and the front-seat passenger sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Father of the Blood Bank

Charles Drew, the inventor of the “blood bank” and pioneer of successful blood transfusions, died during a failed blood transfusion after a car accident in North Carolina.

Bigfoot Hoax Ends in Death

Randy Lee Tenley, 44, from Kalispell, Montana was hit by a car and killed after he had put on a camouflage suit and stepped out onto Highway 93 at night, trying to get people to believe they had sighted Bigfoot.

Passenger Decapitated by a Telephone Pole Support Wire

Francis “Franky” Brohm, 23, of Marietta, Georgia was leaning out of a car window and decapitated by a telephone pole support wire. The car’s intoxicated driver, John Hutcherson, 21, drove nearly 12 miles to his home with the headless body in the passenger seat, parked the car in his driveway, then went to bed. A neighbour saw the bloody corpse still in the car and notified police. Brohm’s head was later discovered at the accident scene.

Drive Through Town with a Corpse in the Windshield

Gregory Biggs, a homeless American man in Fort Worth, Texas, was struck by a car being driven by drunk driver, Chante Jawan Mallard and became lodged in her windshield with severe but not immediately fatal injuries. Mallard drove home and left the car in her garage with Biggs still lodged in her car’s windshield. Biggs died of his injuries several hours later.

Finnish twins joined in death

72-year-old twin brothers in Raahe, Finland, died the same day after separate accidents on the same road. One brother had gone cycling in the morning, got hit by a truck and died immediately. No more than an hour later the other brother went to cycle on the very same road and got hit by a truck and died immediately. The distance between two accident sites was no more than 1,5 kilometers. The police says the later twin brother couldn’t had known of his brother’s death but it was all just coincidence.