Man Dies After 23-hour Gaming Marathon

Chen Rong-yu, 23, died after playing a computer game at a Taipei internet cafe for 23 hours. Chen was playing the League of Legends, an online multi-player battle game. He took frequent nap breaks, so staff were not alarmed to see him apparently resting. The following night, an employee tried to wake him, but found his body was cold and called police. A combination of fatigue, lack of movement and the cold weather could have caused blood clots and a heart attack.

Man Dies During Lap Dance

Robert Gene White, 67, received several lap dances at the Red Parrot in El Paso, Texas. When it came time to pay, workers discovered him unresponsive. Employees tried to perform CPR on White but were unsuccessful. Robert White suffered a heart attack and died while being entertained by the strip dancers.

Race to the Death

Frank Hayes, 35, a horse jockey, suffered a fatal heart attack during a race in which his horse finished first. They only discovered he had died when trying to congratulate him.

Funeral Turns Deadly

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, 49, from Kazan, Russia died from a heart attack brought on by the shock of waking up at her own funeral.

Deadly Threesome

William Martinez, 31, from Lawrenceville, Georgia died of a heart attack while engaging in threesome sex with a friend and another woman who was not his wife.