A pioneer in sleep research died due to his having fallen asleep at the wheel

Eugene Aserinsky, a pioneer in sleep research, who discovered REM sleep, died when his car hit a tree north of San Diego due to his having fallen asleep at the wheel.

Pickup Truck Rolled off the Parking Lot into the Path of a Tractor-Trailer

21-year-old Austin Tyler Zalik died after the crash in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Zalik had been sleeping in his pickup truck, which was parked at a gas station near Interstate78. At some point the truck drifted from its parking spot and went down an embankment and into the path of a tractor trailer. Police say Zalik may have bumped the gear in his sleep.

Soccer Fan Died After Staying Awake for 11 Nights to Watch Euros

Jiang Xiaoshan, 26, from Changsha, China died from exhaustion after going 11 nights without sleep as he watched every single Euro 2012 soccer game.