Zorbing death

Denis Burakov, left, via odnoklassniki.ru
Denis Burakov, left, via odnoklassniki.ru

27-year-old Denis Burakov died from injuries he sustained, while his acquaintance Vladimir Shcherbov, 33, was hospitalized in a critical condition after falling from a cliff (1000 m) in Dombay, Russia. The guys were rolling downhill in an orb while participating in ‘zorbing’.

In 2009, a 47-year-old teacher from Check Republic died in a similar accident while rolling downhill at speeds up to 50km/h, near the eastern Czech town of Trinec.

Javelin Accident

Dieter Strack, 74, a German athletics official died after being struck in the throat with a javelin at an athletics event in Düsseldorf, Germany. He had gone to measure a throw but was hit by a javelin thrown by a 15-year-old athlete. He was immediately taken to the hospital but died of his injuries.

Rage Quit

Jeremy Brenno, a 16-year-old golfer from Gloversville, New York, was killed when he threw his club against a bench in a fit of rage, breaking the shaft. Part of the shaft bounced back and pierced his heart.

Running to Death

Savannah Hardin, 9, from Montgomery, Alabama died of seizure-related complications after running non-stop for several hours. She was reportedly forced to run by her stepmother and grandmother as punishment for lying about eating a candy bar.

Deadly Soccer Game

A bolt of lightning struck a soccer pitch during a game in Congo and killed an entire team, leaving the other team completely unhurt.