Soccer Fan Killed By Flying Toilet Bowl

Paulo Ricardo Gomes da Silva, a 26-year-old Brazilian soccer-fan, was killed when a full-sized porcelain toilet was dropped on him during a soccer-riot. Following a match between Santa Cruz and Panama soccer-teams at Arruda Stadium in Recife, Brazil, a large riot erupted. Several fans began tearing toilets out of the stadium’s public bathrooms and then threw them from the stands into the crowds below. Silva was struck on the head by one of them and killed instantly. The incident was captured by a security-camera and has since been made available on the Internet. The people responsible for his death have still not been identified.

Submission by Logan Agle. Thank you.

Explosion in Toilet Septic Tank

A 10-year-old boy from Thane, India, whose name has not been released to the press, died while using a public bathroom when the facility’s septic-tank suddenly exploded. The vents of the tank had become clogged, allowing volatile gas to build for an extended period of time before violently combusting due to an unknown ignition-source. The explosion caused a heavy metal lid for the tank to be launched through the air, which then landed on his head.

Submission by Logan Agle. Thank you.

Killed by a Portable Toilet

Ramon Jose Rodriguez, a 23-year-old construction worker from Miami, Florida, was killed when a Porta-Jon portable toilet fell from the fourth story of a building and landed on top of him. The portable toilet was on rollers to make it easier to frequently move and was blown off the edge of an unfinished building by a sudden gust of wind.

Submission by Logan Agle. Thank you.

A little boy drowned in a toilet bowl

Mendi Altman, a 14-month-old toddler drowned to death in a toilet while visiting family in Brooklyn.

Submission by Rik van Doorne.

Russian Cop Family Drowned in Feces

Two married police officers from Saratov region, Russia, drowned in feces. A 35-year-old officer whose name was withheld, was repairing the sewer system in his house in the village of Tarkhany. While working, he busted a hole in the 4-meter-deep cesspool, but then suffocated from the fumes rising from it. His wife, who was also a police officer, tried to pull him out, but fainted from of the fumes, fell into the cesspool and drowned.