Pay-Per-View Stunt

Hart on May 15, 1999, eight days before his death
Hart on May 15, 1999, eight days before his death
WWF wrestler Owen Hart, also known as “Blue Blazer”, fell to his death performing an entry-stunt during the Over the Edge pay-per-view event at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City. The stunt intended to have Hart lowered dramatically via stunt-cables to just above ring-level from the rafters and then have a quick-release activate to drop him face-first to comedic effect. The quick-release was accidentally triggered early during the stunt and Hart fell 78 ft. and landed chest-first on the rope, throwing him backwards into the ring. While the pay-per-view audience did not see the accident transpire due to delay in the live-feed in order to include a video vignette, the live audience for the event apparently thought the accident was an intended part of the show until the announcer stated otherwise.

Submission by Logan Agle. Thank you.

Sheep push woman over edge of cliff

Betty Stobbs, a 67-year-old woman from Durham, England, was killed when a flock of sheep attacked her power bike and pushed her over a 100-foot (30 m) cliff. She survived the fall, only to be crushed by the falling bike.

Rod Hull’s death


Children’s entertainer Rod Hull died while adjusting the television aerial on the roof of his house. He had been watching a Manchester United European Cup match with his 19-year-old son Oliver. In his attempt to improve reception, he slipped from the roof and fell through an adjoining greenhouse. The 63-year-old entertainer suffered a severe skull fracture and chest injuries. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Conquest Hospital in Hastings.

Suicide Bombing Backfired

3 unnamed Palestinian suicide bombers prematurely exploded, because the bombs were set on daylight savings time. The bombs had been prepared in a Palestine-controlled area, and set to detonate on Daylight Saving Time. But the confused drivers had already switched to Standard Time. When they picked up the bombs, they neglected to ask whose watch was used to set the timing mechanism. As a result, the cars were still en-route when the explosives detonated, delivering the terrorists to their untimely demises.