Crime and Punishment

Michael Anderson Godwin, a 28-year-old prisoner at South Carolina’s Central Correctional Institute was sentenced to death for murder and sexual assault. During a retrial he was found not guilty of sexual assault, and re-sentenced to life imprisonment. Back in his cell, Godwin tried to repair his still plugged in television set whist sitting naked on a metal toilet. He bit into a live electrical cord and was electrocuted instantly.

Dry Drowning

10-year-old Johnny Jackson went to a local swimming pool with his family in Goose Creek, South Carolina, walked home, and even took a bath before he died of what doctors called “dry drowning” at the time.

Beach Jogger Killed by Plane

Image: Head Island Packet/Associated Press

Robert Gary Jones, 38, was killed while jogging and listening to his iPod on a beach in Hilton Head Island, U.S. when he was hit from behind by a small plane making an emergency landing.